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Tap into our Mentorship Bank’s extensive network of industry leaders. Gain insights from diverse backgrounds to refine your business strategies.

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Receive tailored mentorship that aligns with your goals. Our mentors offer hands-on advice, helping you navigate any market condition.

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Our mentorship is a journey, not just a session. Benefit from ongoing interactions and solutions that evolve as your business grows.

Are you a university student seeking a mentor?

University Mentor Program

Frequently asked questions

Some of the things you may want to know.

It’s all about finding your mentor-match! We look at your interests and how ready you are to make the most of this opportunity.

It varies, The program can last anywhere from 1 to 6 months, depending on what works for both the mentor and mentee

Nope, just bring your enthusiasm and commitment! We’re looking for folks dedicated to making a positive impact on the Nigerian economy.

Good news – it’s all free! Accessing mentors from the Mentor Bank comes with no costs attached.