About Us

THE SME Mall is an all-in-one professional service platform for small, medium, and big businesses. We are a one-stop shop for all your business needs. We serve as a platform that connects individuals and businesses to professional service providers.

What we do

We are about helping businesses like yours scale, grow, and thrive. We believe that anyone can start a business. But many barriers stand in the way of those who don't have access to capital or industry connections. That's where we come in! We provide the tools and support you need to get your business off the ground—and keep it going until it's ready for the next level.

With a single click, you get access to a marketplace of experienced business professionals from various disciplines who provide a wide range of services, including legal, Accounting and finance, technology, marketing and branding, human resource, and business advisory.

Our Vision

To be the foremost professional services digital growth toolkit in Africa

Our Mission

Creating value for our customers through our platform of proven professionals and at the best possible prices

Our values


We treat everyone with dignity and fairness, fostering positive relationships and building trust.


We constantly challenge the status quo, encouraging creativity and finding new solutions to old problems.


We work together to achieve success, leveraging our diverse skills and knowledge for the benefit of our clients.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards, striving for continuous improvement and delivering exceptional results.

We work with only the best

Our exceptional team of experts

Muyiwa Femi Pearse

Muyiwa Femi-Pearse is a seasoned entrepreneur and passionate advocate for SMEs. With almost two decades of work experience, he founded THE SME MALL, a marketplace connecting users with professional service providers. His expertise lies in driving business success through coaching, advising, and executing effective strategies.

Fikayo Babatunde

An experienced operations professional with a track record in the design industry. A skilled strategist, negotiator, and event manager, he is a master at personal branding and leadership.

Omolola Kolawole

A proactive and ambitious sociologist with a passion for Human Resource Management. Omolola is committed to solving client problems through exceptional customer service, while contributing to organizational growth and development through her dynamic and innovative skills.

James Ochapa

James Ochapa is a software developer with experience in developing innovative solutions and driving business success. With expertise in web development, James is known for problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering high-quality code. He actively contributes to the software engineering community through open-source projects and blog posts. James holds a Degree in Computer Science and continues to expand their skill set through continuous learning.

Oyindamola Majek

With a diverse background and an unwavering dedication to her craft, Oyindamola has garnered extensive experience in designing products for different sectors and delivers exceptional user experiences that blend functionality, aesthetics, and seamless interaction.

Anjola Akinosun

Anjola Akinosun is a passionate and dedicated Designer with a drive to solve users’ problems through user-friendly and enjoyable design solutions.

Design is not just a career for Anjola; it is an intrinsic part of her identity that she continuously strives to improve. Her unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth enables her to consistently deliver designs that surpass expectations and enhance users’ experiences.

Interested in joining our team?